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    We are delighted to announce our latest creation - realistic "round" truffles that look so real you just can't believe it. It took a bit of doing but we have to say we've "mastered the art of the truffle"!  We now offer a 6 pc. set of smaller truffles in the gumdrop type style.

    Mrs O's Year Around and Christmas Candies are darling little confections that come in pastel pink, yellow, and green as well as white, dark chocolate, light chocolate and red for Christmas. They are artfully decorated with icing swirls, hearts, rosebuds, leaves, shells or as little packages and are very detailed. They are out of stock right now and being revamped. Look for them in July!
     Our artificial candies are totally bug-proof and handmade. Customers love their unique quality and variety. Many return for more for "Mom", neighbor "Susie", or "Aunt Betty", who saw them and fell in love with them !
    We also offer chocolate shells, stars, bon bons, and an assortment of decorated heart candies to add even more variety to the mix.

    "Doll lovers" and collectors buy these to go with tea sets ! They are on display at the Herbert Hoover Museum and Mark Twain's historic home! They can be purchased individually in groups of (6) and are available in regular Year Around or Christmas decor.

    There are several excellent ways to display these unique "little treasures". Some of the most attractive and successful are to place them on decorative candy or antique dishes, crystal or silver serving trays. They "light up" the entire setting when displayed with tea sets, champagne glasses on a tray or inside small decorative boxes.

    *Click on any product link to see an enlarged photo of the item.

    6 Pc. Year Around Decorated Candies
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     1 inch x 1 inch x 1-1/4 inch high

    6 pieces = 6 oz. weight

    Candies as shown in this display must be ordered in a minimum group of (6). They are available in All Pastels, Chocolates, or Assorted colors.

    These adorable creations are made with totally non edible materials and come in 7 colors: dark chocolate, light chocolate, white, pink, green, yellow and lavender. They are hand made and artfully decorated with rosebuds, florals, swirls and as packages. They are attached to white candy cups and look great when displayed with our matching petit fours.  

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    6 Pc. Chocolate Bon Bons
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    1-1/4" Diameter
    1" High

    This scrumptious looking set of 6 chocolate "bon-bons" comes just as shown with decor in 3 different colors and 2 different designs. The candy cups are attached but can be removed if desired. Group photo shows how they look in quantity.

    6 Pc. Small Asst. Truffles
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    These are our latest candy creation! Set of 6 truffles comes with 2 white chocolates, 2 milk chocolates and 2 dark chocolates in the decor shown. Pieces measure 1" in diameter x 3/4" tall and look great in a large grouping as shown in the photo above left.
    3 Pc. Dark Chocolate Lg. Round Truffles
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    3 Pc. Dark Chocolate Truffles

    1-1/4 inch diameter
    (Just like the real ones)

    We don't think there is anything like these on the market anywhere! This set includes 1 each coconut, drizzled, and cocoa dark chocolate truffle and is soooooo realistic you may have to have some real ones on hand to eat! They are not "attached" to the candy paper but they look good in one or out and we'll leave that up to you.
    6 Pc. Candy Hearts
    • Currently 5/5 Stars.
    •   5/5 stars
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    Our heart candies are adorned with tiny roses and decorated in cute variations. They are available in selections of All Pastels, Chocolates, Pinks or Assorted colors. Pieces measure approximately 1-1/2 inch x 1-1/4 inch wide.

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    6 Pc. Asst. Chocolate Shells/Stars
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    This yummy and realistic looking group of chocolates features 2 dark chocolate,  2 milk chocolate, and 2 white chocolate pieces as shown in the picture. Shells are 1-1/4 x 7/8 inch tall. Stars measure 1-1/2 x 1-1/2 x 7/8 inch tall. Perfect for chocoholics!
    6 Pc. Christmas Candies
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    1 inch by 1 inch by 1-1/4 inch high
     6 pieces = 6 oz weight
    Christmas candies as shown in this display must be ordered in a minimum group of (6). They come in pink and green, as well as red, white, dark chocolate and light chocolate. Our candies are hand made and hand decorated in charming Christmas themes. They are glued to white candy cups and will be shipped in your choice of Assorted or Chocolates.
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