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Mrs. O's Kitchen offers our entire Candies line and rectangular Petit Fours only (Christmas or Year Around) at wholesale price.

They are very unique, hand made "mini works of art". These pieces are artfully decorated in detail and realistic down to the white pastry wrappers that adorn the bottoms of them. 


  What's the difference betwen the two you ask? The main difference between the square candies and the rectangular petit fours is size and price. Both are totally hand made of foam and other building materials making them totally bug proof and non-edible. Both take 7 to 9 different processing steps from start to completion. Both are available in 7 different colors and 8 different styles and are shipped assorted unless otherwise requested. Both look incredibly real – that’s why we call them "Incredible Inedibles”.

Our rectangular Petit fours come in Year Around or Christmas themed styles. Candies come in Year Around or Christmas decor. You can purchase them loose or boxed.They don't take up a whole lot of counter space, especially if you sell them boxed or show them on 2 or 3 tiered display stands using plates.

With a minimum order amount of $50 we make it very easy for small businesses to get involved just to see how it goes for you. You can expect wholesale delivery time to run between 2 to 4 weeks, except during the peak holiday period 8 - 10 weeks prior to Christmas.

But you say you really wanted to order other products at wholesale! Yes, we get requests all the time to order our other products at wholesale prices - and we did that for years. We prefer to remain a smaller company and to work out of our own studio, rather than turn into a "factory". We did what was necessary a few years ago and decided to wholesale ONLY our two "best selling products".

Mrs. O's has been in the wholesale business for 15 years now. The many customers we have from coast to coast include antique stores, kitchen and gift stores, coffee and tea rooms, and furniture stores. We have some vendors who sell at arts and crafts shows and do a "whopping" volume!

We have been doing business with some of our people for many years and they tell us that customers come into their store just "looking for the candies and petit fours".

We are a service oriented company. Just give us a try and you won't regret it. Click on this link to receive our Wholesale Prices and information. We no longer offer the US mail option so you must provide an email address to receive it:

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